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NetShroud Technology Partners is a boutique technical recruiting and consulting firm placing full-time and contract resources specializing in Information Security, DevOps, Technical Operations, and Software Engineering disciplines.

With over 40 years combined experience in recruiting, HR, technical operations, and InfoSec, our team strives to be your go-to matchmaker, introducing the best technical talent with great companies, and helping them both succeed.

We are not the typical resume pushing recruiters you might be used to — we get to know our hiring managers and develop a deep understanding of what they need to succeed.  We listen for cues not just around technical skill requirements, but also to determine cultural fit.

But most importantly, we have a strong understanding of the technologies and tool chains commonly used at tech companies today.  We do way more than just scour the resume boards.  We maintain relationships with great engineers, many of whom are not openly on the market.  We are involved in technical conferences, user groups, and meetup events, and are always on the lookout for great people.  We leverage our understanding of the technology ecosystem to gauge candidate technical skills, and strive to match them with opportunities that are in line with what is important to them in their next career move.

When we recommend a candidate, we have high confidence in the potential for a great match.  More than 90% of our hiring manager’s initial phone screens with candidates result in a full interview, and more often than not, that leads to a successful placement.

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  • Job Title: Backend Engineer Location: San Francisco, CA Software is consuming the world! Every business across the globe is being transformed into a software business, and we are on a mission to create a next generation technology platform...

  • Job Title:  UI/UX Engineer Location:  San Francisco Software is consuming the world!  Every business across the globe is being transformed into a software business, and we are on a mission to create a next-generation technology platform fo...



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More than 20 years in recruiting, HR and business development.

Lisa Davis

Lead Recruiter, Partner

Over 20 years of TechOps and InfoSec management, CISSP certification

Richard Farley

Principal Consultant, Partner


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